Servo-Pneumatic Universal Testing
Meets ASTM, AASHTO, NCHRP and other testing standards
User friendly, intuitive and reliable Windows® software developed using LabVIEW
Sophisticated data acquisition and control system
Accessories available to perform a range of standard & non standard test methods
For asphalt & unbound materials

This machine is a development of the NAT which was developed by Keith Cooper and Professor Steven Brown at the University of Nottingham. The use of a high precision servo-pneumatic valve in conjunction with a low-friction actuator and sophisticated data acquisition and control, results in a performance that is equal to many servo-hydraulic systems.

Accurate, digitally generated waveforms are applied by the actuator producing repeatable stress variations in test specimens that are simulative of those in a road pavement due to moving traffic. The actuator is double-acting allowing both compressive and tensile forces to be applied. A triaxial cell system is available for the measurement of the resilient modulus of unbound materials.

  • Low cost dynamic loading universal test system ideally suited to testing asphalt and unbound granular materials
  • Double acting low friction actuator with integral stroke transducer
  • Utilizes high performance ceramic spool servo-valve
  • High quality stainless steel frame
  • Accessories available to perform a range of standard and non standard test methods

Maximum Load Electronically limited to 15.5kN (3500lbf)
Load Transducer ±20kN (±4500lbf)
Actuator Stroke mm (inch) 30 (1.2)
Frequency 0 to 30 Hz
Electrical Supply 1 Ph 110 – 264 V 47-63 Hz
Compressed Air 7-10 bar (100 – 145psi) at 600 l/m (21cfm)
Dimension (WxDxH) mm (inch) Frame 360 x 400 x 740
(14.5 x 16 x 29)
Control Box 360 x 280 x 140
(14.5 x 11 x6)
Working space required (WxDxH) mm (inch) 825 x 1650 x 2100 (32.5 x 65 x 83) when fitted in cabinet CS-TCC
Estimated Weight Kg (lb) Frame 30 (66)
Control box 6 (13)
PC Included
Rapid determination of modulus, permanent deformation and fatigue of bituminous mixtures using cylindrical specimens that are cored from the highway or prepared in the laboratory

  • Meets AASHTO, ASTM & EN standards 100% 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 98% 98%
  • Training Support 100% 100%
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