Our flagship DIMENSION software gives you the power to perform the most demanding of tests with your materials testing equipment

DIMENSION software from James Cox & Sons is the software you will use to interact and configure your setups and reports, it’s fast and user friendly, whilst enabling you to get the most out of your system.


  • Create your own or select from the range of pre-installed test routines
  • See real-time data and the sequence of events as they happen
  • Start, stop and skip stages of the program as you want, reconfigure in realtime
  • Create charts, graphs and reports to analyse and document the application
  • Build a database of all the hardware either real or calculated, to monitor and edit as you want
  • Setup and modify the cDAC modules and their I/O to fine tune the process

Profile Builder

  • Predefined Test Routines – for simple, reliable configuration and testing to Local, National and International standards or, design and store custom routines with multiple stages where each of the following can be varied
  • Analysis Dropbox – choose the analysis method for each transducer e.g. Sinusoidal Regression, Peak-Offset, Mean
  • Calculation Dropbox – choose a calculation to perform upon the analysed data
  • Waveform Setup – choose from Static, Ramp, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Arbitrary (1024 datapoints can be loaded directly from a Microsoft™ Excel or text file)
  • Feedback Selection – choose your control transducer for the hardware PID loop
  • Control Dropbox – allows for cascade control via any Analysis or Calculation parameter and many other advanced control methods
  • Transducer Limits – setup limits for each transducer to ensure their safety in the event of specimen failure
  • Stage End Criteria – decide how and when your test should end based on: Cycles/Time, Transducer Value, Failure
  • Datalogging – total control over how and when data is recorded to file. Both raw and summary data are independently logged to file on a time-based, cyclic and/ or transducer value interval. All data is logged to a text file which can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel™ for further analysis
  • Triggering – setup hardware triggering on a time-based, cyclic and/or transducer value interval
  • Dialogue Boxes – easily create bespoke dialogue boxes to instruct your technicians at critical points during the test
  • Manual Control – setup manual control stages for initial setup and user interactive parts of the test
  • Reports – choose your report template from the Report Dropbox to generate a pdf report at the end of the test

Hardware Database

  • Store, Access, and Edit all your hardware information
  • Transducer Calibration Data with TEDs (Transducer Electronic Datasheet) interface to read all setup information directly from the embedded TEDs chips on all connected transducers
  • Servo Card Setup allows configuration to match your specific hardware
  • Digital Card Setup to configure hardware triggers, control valves, switch inputs etc.
  • Acquisition Card Setup for input channel configuration

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