Superpave Equipment

Pneumatic Long Steel Roller Compactor

The Roller Compactor is robust, reliable and can prepare slabs for different tests in full...

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Automatic Compression Testing Machine

Cox & Sons automatic range of 600kN, 1500kN, 2000kN and 3000kN capacity compression testing machines have been...

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Semi Automatic Compression Testing Machines

Cox & Sons range of Semi Automatic Compression Testing Machines give users the ability to test and analyze...

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Servo-Hydraulic Compression & Flexural Testing Machine

The Four-Column Load Frame is a welded steel fabrication carrying the ball-seated upper platen. The lower platen...

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California Kneading Compactor

 Designed to follow the standards, but with flexibility to compact soil and hotmix to...

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Hydraulic Standard Roller Compactor-Dual size

Advanced integrated hydraulic control, precision and reliability guaranteed

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